Independent Thinker. Independent Artist. Independent Woman.

People often ask, “who are you; what do you stand for as an artist?” 

Just like my music, the only way for me to answer that is by sharing my story.  I’m a singer/songwriter and most of all, an independent artist and woman.  

I was born and raised in Boston with a home full of siblings and family with music always playing in the background.  When I think back to my childhood, my memories are intertwined and connected with sound and songs.  

With a full house, I took time away to sing and perform in the mirror in my bedroom.  My hairbrush was my microphone; my stuffed animals and dolls were my audience.  I found every opportunity I could to sing and perform - talent shows, chorus, dance classes, traveling the US with my drum corp.  I was a good student in school but these were the moments I could hear my heart beating with joy.  I also dabbled with instruments - the piano, percussion, and the trumpet. 

Family members have told me, from an early age, that I’m an old soul.  I love oldies, particularly the 50’s and 60’s era.  I honestly prefer oldies to today’s music.  With that being said, I can say my family members are spot on.  Growing up, Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Stevie Wonder, and Mariah Carey were also among my favorites to listen to. 

After college, I made the difficult decision to leave Boston for LA.  I say difficult but, in reality, it was the only decision for my independent spirit.  I wanted to be surrounded by the music industry and Los Angeles is the epicenter. 

For me, music is much more than sound and feeling.  It’s the connection and universal language.  It brings all different people together - regardless of race, background, belief, language - we unite in song.  

People often ask why I took the harder road of independence from a label.  I can’t see doing it any other way.  I know it would have been easier to have backing but the road less traveled is the one that allows me to be myself, be independent and take what’s inside of me and get it into a song.  A direct route from me to you. 

Releasing music on my own allows me to fuel my soul; whether I sell one song or 1 million… there’s no one to tell me to change my style of music, to sell more records or to change who I am.  This is why I decided to take my music fate into my own hands - I create and release the music within me on my own.  

Some say, take me or leave me; for me, it’s deeper.  I’d love everyone to come along for the ride, as I keep moving forward.  The more, the merrier!    

In 2012, I released my very 1st single, “Good Girl Gone Bad.”  And my second release was, “Superman.” 

“Good Girl Gone Bad” is about that instant connection when you meet someone but the timing or situation isn’t ideal. We’ve all been there; the connection is intense, powerful and feels beyond your very own control but that inner voice is very silently telling you it’s not ideal... but you ignore it. 

“Superman,” is about a super guy that is true to his woman and goes above and beyond for her, is always there when she needs him and he makes her better and together they are better as well. 

I like to say that I’m at the microphone for what most people think but won’t speak. I am the voice for what people are feeling inside and emotions - the ones that sometimes scare us. 

As of today, I continue to create, write, and record.  I’m working on new music and will be releasing my next single, “Man Up” early next year, 2021! 

I hope you will continue to join me on my journey.  

Stay tuned & stay safe! 

Aricka J




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